A Bold New Initiative to Highlight and Uplift Malaysia’s Beauty Industry

MyBeauty is a National initiative that aims to transform Malaysia into the Beauty Tourism Hub of the World. It’s goal is to achieve this through elevating the nation’s Beauty and Healthcare Industry by bringing in 6 million high-yield beauty tourists by the year 2019, qualifying 1,000 MyBeauty Partner establishments, recruiting premium MyBeauty Vendors and Upskilling 50,000 beauty professionals or MyBeauty Apprentices. These Partners, Vendors and Apprentices will be working within proper government rules guidelines and strictly governed by a highly capable Independent Management Team (IMT) led by the Oriental Mace Group Berhad thus assuring beauty tourists world-class quality products and services.

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Transforming Malaysia into the Beauty Tourism Hub of the World

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'Malaysia's Beauty & Wellness Industry'

Trustworthy Beauty Providers

“Being a MyBeauty Partner frees them from the burden and expense of marketing and promotion. This allows each establishment to focus on improving their quality of products and services instead. MyBeauty will eventually be known worldwide as a community of the most reliable and trustworthy beauty service providers.”

Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah
Secretary General of MOTAC

Governed with speed and efficiency

“MyBeauty will work like a seal of trust – establishments and professionals in the beauty and healthcare sectors have to meet certain government-regulated requirements in order to qualify as Partners (establishments), vendors (Brands with products to promote) and apprentices (professionals seeking to upgrade their skills).”

Professor Dr Wong Kong Yew
Malaysia Tourism Economist